Seriously... If We Can't Increase Your Revenue Then You Get Your Money Back... Plus 20%.

If your business is making five figures or more profit a month, we will measurably and significantly increase your revenue – OR YOU DON’T PAY.

In fact, we go one better… We will generate more than you pay us in a 30 day period or we'll return the difference to you PLUS an extra 20%.

You can't lose. It's literally impossible for your interaction with us not to be profitable.

How Else Can We Help You?

Business Growth and Development.
Streamlining, Reducing Costs and Systemising Operations.
Lead Generation and Increasing Sales.
Business Planning and Company Strategy.
Increasing Marketing ROI. 
Franchising, Licensing and Up-Scaling.
Search Engine Optimisation & Digital Marketing.
Exit Strategy Planning.

Transforming Your Business. 

We are business and marketing veterans with the experience, the knowhow, the successes and the firepower to deliver the results you want. 

We have total confidence in our abilities and expertise to meet your sales and revenue requirements and goals. So much so that we put our skills and our money where our mouth is and offer a guarantee for our results-based products. 

Naturally we want to be paid, so you can be assured that we will do a very good job.  

Why Central Command? 


Professional, innovative and focussed services that are not available elsewhere and designed to produce the results you want. These include:

  • Boosting your sales with advanced lead and client generation, 
  • Increasing your margins and profitability through examining costs and improving efficiency,
  • Gaining greater performance from your marketing with processes designed to generate higher conversions and larger sales,
  • Planning ahead and looking towards an exit strategy.


As business people ourselves, we understand business. 

As marketers, we know what works and what doesn't. 

And, as entrepreneurs, we understand that your success is our success.


No win. No fee.

If we don't achieve the results then we don't expect you to pay. Simple, fair and you can't lose.

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Your Risk Free Guarantee

No business should engage or pay a marketing, digital marketing or advertising agency that refuses or shies away from giving a guarantee on their work! 

Why should you or any business take a financial risk and pay for poor work and performance? It doesn't make sense.

We are very good at what we do but our policy is clear: If we do not or cannot make you more money than what you pay us then we don't expect to be paid. No win. No fee. 

To be clear... We'll make you more money than you pay us in a 30 day period or we'll pay back the difference and give you 20% on top!

How do we do this? It's simple...

We don't make false promises or exaggerated claims. We are professional business people working and partnering with other professional business people, like you. We take our work and our relationships with our clients very seriously because we know you are depending on us.  

This way, we are able to have open, honest and fruitful relationships. 

It begs the question as to why anyone would want it any other way?

Learn More About How Central Command Can Help Your Business...

Our battlefield strategies and tactics work best for companies that are:

Seeking to get more enquiries, customers, sales and revenue.
Want to get more business online.
Looking to vastly improve their visibility.
Want to enhance their reputation and brand.

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